The Bedroom Goldmine Bar

Our History

The Bedroom Goldmine was established in 1884 as a bakery, later becoming a mercantile. Then, in 1967, the proprietors of the store, Chris and Lucille Christopherson, decided to explore the ground, sinking the gold mine shaft in the bedroom of the old living quarters of the store. While also renovating the store in to a tavern, Chris would mine the shaft, and Lucille would tend the bar. Chris discovered what may be the largest, most valuable gold nugget ever found in the entire Coeur D’Alene mining district in this homemade mine, leading to the christening of his establishment as The Bedroom Goldmine Bar in Murray, Idaho.

He found the eight ounce nugget while drilling in his gold mine, thirty-two feet beneath the Christopherson’s store and tavern. Chris continued digging his mine until age got the better of him. He then turned the establishment over to his niece, Leila Grebil. Her husband, Frank, and their sons would mine the shaft while she tended bar, and this went on until the flood of 1996. The bar flooded, destroying the mine timbers, making it too dangerous to work the mine.

Leila continued to run the bar until 2007, when health issues made it impossible for her to keep working. She then sold the bar to Barry and Tammie Gleason, who saw some potential in the old run-down bar. Barry went on to give the old bar a much-needed facelift, while leaving all the walls intact. He refurbished the old bar and added a restaurant in the process, restoring it to what it is today. The bar changed hands a couple more times, but has ultimately landed in the hands of current owners, Chris Littlejohn and Tammie Gleason.